"Step One is always knowing who you are. Step Two is knowing what you want. Step Three is whether or not will decide to have it right now! Step Four is LET IT IN. You must embody the essence of you and the essence of the decision to engage the Universal Laws. Don't let yourself be fooled by past and future illusions, it's all happening now." -Jonah

"Step One is always knowing who you are. Step Two is knowing what you want. Step Three is whether or not will decide to have it right now! Step Four is LET IT IN. You must embody the essence of you and the essence of the decision to engage the Universal Laws. Don't let yourself be fooled by past and future illusions, it's all happening now." -Jonah

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Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

JonahLIVE September 2022 was a massive success - a fulfilled vision - a seed planted for more.  Thank you to all those who participated as a guest attendee or host. 

We will see you again soon.

New JonahLIVE dates and cities coming soon.

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Open Up to the Unity Consciousness Within!

Join us for 3 Days of Vibrational Expansion of your Essence aka your 4th Dimensional, Energetic, Higher Self.

3 Days of Old Souls coming together to celebrate and amplify the energy of Unity Consciousness individually and collectively.

Deepen your connection to your Higher Self, your Spiritual Guides and the Quantum Field of Dimensional Awareness.

JonahLIVE "Your Sacred Higher Self"

September 9, 10, & 11 2022

Phoenix, Arizona USA 

Video Poster Image
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Your Heart Holds the Key to Your Freedom

Your body, right now, hungers for the presence and the essence of your Sacred, Higher Self. 

Any anxiety, anger, fear, worry, shame, judgement, or lack of worth is a call for love at the highest levels.

Immerse yourself in a high vibrational state of Love for 3 Days and activate your own connection at the next level for you.

The call to awaken ALL of you is growing and freedom will come in the tender allowing of YOU, the Divine Essence of YOU to be fully arrived in your body.


3 Days - Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Channeled Messages, Energetic Experiences, & Community
You Will Walk Away Changed


“Joy's live events deliver a unique experience enveloped in the energy of love for the support and activation of internal wisdom within you. You will not leave this space the same way you walked in, and I say this is the highest regard. Attending in the energy of an in-person gathering with Joy & Jonah, you'll live moment-to-moment what it feels like to reconnect with your body, your soul's desires, and your deepest truth.  Gifting yourself this space is an opportunity  for your highest expansion, integration, and evolution of self.”

- Michele Laine, Sedona Jan. 2022



3:00 - 9:00 pm

3:00 - 6:00 pm Registration & Markplace

6:00-7:00 Tapas and Rooftop Gathering

7:00 - 8:00 PM Opening Celebration

8:00 - 9:00 pm Mystic Marketplace

Join us for an evening of music, conversation, and celebration. Our first night together will be spent getting to know each other with a social gathering that begins with appetizers and mingling, followed by spoken word and dance performances by the Anahata Tribe, closing with an enchanted musical experience and sound bath. 

Plus: Enjoy numerology readings and shopping at the Mystic Marketplace until 9:00 pm.


9:00 am - 9:00 pm

9:00 am - Opening Energy Alignment & Meditation

10:00 am - Channeled Workshop - Aligning Your Lower Body

12:00 pm - Integration Sessions

1:00 pm - Lunch on your own

2:00 pm - Channeled Workshop - Aligning Your Higher Body

4:00 pm - Integration Sessions

5:00 pm - Dinner on your own

7:00 - 9:00 pm - Mystic Marketplace


9:00 am - 1:00 pm

9:00 - 10:00 Quantum Expansion Accelerated Activation

10:15 - 1:00 pm Channeled Workshop - Your Essence & Sacred Gifts


“Joy created a retreat that provided space and time not only for us to connect and grow with each other, but to connect and grow with ourselves. I love the way she was guided to provide what was needed by the group, rather than trying to make the group fit a preconceived schedule. A wonderful, unique experience!"

- Reen Rose, Sedona Feb. 2018

“Definitely the experience of a lifetime. ❤️ Life changing, beautiful people, amazing growth. Thank you, Joy for holding space for us, bringing us together and leading with such an open heart.”

- Steve O'Sullivan, Sedona Feb. 2018

Event Logistics

We will be gathering at the Westin Phoenix Downtown. Your event ticket includes entrance to all conference activities. Meals, accommodations and travel expenses are not included.

September 9 @ 3pm PDT and completing our time together at 1:00 pm PDT on September 11.

Room Blocks and other location logistics will be provided upon registration along with anything else you will need for your stay.

You will fly into the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. 

Plan your travel to ensure you can stay for the entire event. This is a sacred container and you won't want to miss anything at the beginning or end.

 **NEED 2 TICKETS? Click Here **

Would you like to speak with Joy or ask any questions related to this event?

Email: [email protected] 

Book a Call: https://meetwithjoy.as.me/ 


Channeled Transmissions of Information & Coding


  • Joy will be leading channeled workshops to help you merge your higher and lower vibrational states. 

  • Discover how simple it is to bring in your higher Self to awaken your body to living in higher Dimensional Awareness.

  • Learn to bring your 3 Dimensional body into alignment with your 4th Dimensional body to access Unity Consciousness.

  • Arlene will guide the integration of these energies after each transmission.

  • You will receive new teachings in this experience as you embody them on the spot.

QuE: Energy Activation Sessions

Learn to direct the flow of energy from the Universe through your body as a modality for creation and expansion of consciousness and direct physical experiences. Release the need to heal, control, or seek permission to experience the extraordinary. Quantum Expansion (QuE) is a modality channeled through Joy from Jonah in 2017.

Answer the Call

Live your life as a calling, not a doing or achieving. It's time to step into the New Earth and be in Sacred Service.


Mystic Marketplace
Friday & Saturday Night

Being with your people and exploring consciousness together is one of the most treasured experiences we can share. After a day of integrating expanded energy and information come and unwind, celebrate and play with us in the Mystic Marketplace. We will have community sponsors sharing their talents, gifts and wears with you plus you will have space to connect with new friendships or deepen with those friends you have known "online" for a while.

For more information about our vendors, sponsors, or sponsorship email Cindy Van Arnam at [email protected]

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Your Event Team

We looking forward to spending this time with you and are already holding space for you to arrive.

Joy Kingsborough, Channel

Joy is a channel of Unity Consciousness. She has been working with "Jonah" since 1999, channeling messages to support the dimensional shift happening on the planet. Jonah helps bring the messages of Divine Timing and Unity Consciousness to the world, assisting in the re-wiring of our hearts and learning to live in the vibrational world to experience something higher - beyond the limitations of the 3 Dimensional perspective. More about Joy

Arlene Pe Benito, Energy Integration

Arlene is an Intuitive Life Coach, Healer, Teacher and Channel. Her curiosity about intuition and magic began in childhood. With studies in Reiki, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Universal Laws and more over the last 13 years, her intuitive abilities continue to expand. Among many things, Arlene has an ability to see, sense and know the energy that is stuck in and around the body, including the stories and emotions that are attached in both this or past lifetimes. Intuitively these are released from the body and together with her client a new imprint is created. Paired with curiosity, possibility, creation and magic, her clients are empowered BE, to expand, discover their own intuitive gifts and co-create the life that they want to lead. 

More about Arlene >>  http://www.livingwithcolour.ca/ 

Cindy Van Arnam, Mystic Marketplace

A Simplicity Magician, Cindy is devoted to creating pathways for Jonah's work in the world. Through his teaching of Universal Laws and the numbers, she has transformed her life from one of barely surviving to absolute thriving. This first began with her ability to trust her own intuitive guidance with the numbers. Having devoted and invested years of study to this wisdom, Cindy now certified healers, coaches, and spiritual teachers in this same wisdom to support the creation of a thriving commUNITY devoted to unity consciousness. Lovingly known as Yoda within this community, Cindy is the exclusive BrainGAME Certified Instructor and a Master Numerologist.

More about Cindy >> https://cindyvanarnam.com/ 

Anahata Tribe, Friday Performance

Anahata Tribe is located in Flagstsff,  AZ. Their dance foundation is Tribal Style Bellydance and Tribal Fusion. Their desire is to embrace their full passion for dance, and expand that essence to the collective heart. 
Joyce Walter and Anne Ozman

Hosted By