The Foundations of Numerology Course

Discover more about how to use Numerology for yourself and others through our introductory Quantum Numerology training. 

This is a self-paced journey that includes more than 6 hours of teaching, homework assignments to help you integrate, and FAQs.

Self Paced Journey
6 Modules

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What's Included

Everything you need is included in this fun and comprehensive course. You will be able to complete a Divine Purpose Blueprint for anyone once you complete the 6 Module Training. Complete in 6 days, weeks or when as long as you need. 

6 Training Modules that include >> Ruling Number, Chart Analysis & Influences, Day Numbers, Year Numbers, Seasons, Name Analysis, Ideal Client and more.

  • Comprehensive written guides to help you interpret your reports.
  • Sample reports to help you create your own, including our permission to use our interpretations for yourself, your friends and even your clients (see copyright details).
  • Ideas and samples included for you to begin selling Divine Purpose Blueprints in your coaching, healing or numerology business.
  • FAQs with real students to help you integrate what you are learning step by step.
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