JonahLIVE Hot-Seat Group Channeling

Amplify your vibration, expand your impact, experience more aliveness! Mastermind with a small group Hot Seat where you can connect with Joy + Jonah (and each other) to ask any burning questions you have in any area of your life, receive Quantum Healing or hang out in the resonance of higher consciousness.

3 Month Journey

Next Group: October 2021

Investment $997 

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JonahLIVE Group Sessions

Are you craving a safe space to have all your deepest questions witnessed and answered through guidance from Jonah and Joy?
Simply being in Jonah's presence will create massive shifts in your being and reality as you release the stories, blocks and patterns that have been keeping you in limited states of experiencing this life.
During these sessions, you will be able to have your own MindSHIFT experience where you shift the perception of situations and step into possibility and limitless expansion, as the creator of your reality.
These channeling sessions are literally soul altering and will have you asking, ‘What would the Universe Do,’ as you learn to think and create like the Universe!
JonahLIVE Group Sessions open up a few times each year and last 3 months. Each community is an online group with monthly live, zoom (web-based), gatherings where you meet with Joy (Channeling Jonah) to receive information about your current questions, concerns or shifts while also receiving group vibrational alignment and atunements (aka Quantum Healing).  These sessions help you consistently move the needle toward your dreams in the areas of your life you most want to expand or shift.

Who is Joy + Jonah?

Joy is a Visionary Activist, Mentor & Conscious Channel
Joy is the creatrix of Mastering the BrainGAME, the Kingsborough Method of Transformation, and MindSHIFT, programs designed to elevate your consciousness and your life. Her corporate career and degrees in psychology have led her to a unique blending of spirituality and practicality that feels fresh and welcoming to those who are just awakening to their spiritual gifts and those who are well worn on the path.
She channels a stream of consciousness known to her as Jonah. They have been working together for more than 20 years and have consistently delivered messages that resonate with a high level of love and compassion for humanity.
Together, Joy + Jonah are devoted to inspiring, mentoring and spiritually activating world changers. Their work is helping consciously motivated, impact driven, loving leaders embody their role as co-creator with the Universe; as the Universe!
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"Bliss!!!! The space that Joy and Jonah hold together can only be described as peaceful bliss. I felt safe, seen, heard and comfortable even in my deepest discomfort. Transformation isn’t the easy path, but it’s the only path for me.   Every question asked by someone in the space, Channelling with Jonah, was for everyone’s growth. It was remarkable how each question was always pertinent to my own experience, even if I was observing an old pattern. After this year, I am happier, more centered, high vibration, and many of the things I have been desiring in my life have come to fruition. During this year, I moved my family, shifting everything in my life and business. I have more abundance flowing through my experience than ever before and literally I no longer feel worry over the how’s of my life. I trust life, the Universe and my Self! I AM PEACE.   It feels as if I did 10 years worth of work in one year. The value of this experience is nearly indescribable."

Jen Kohler
Transformational Universal Laws Coach

Next JonahLIVE Begins Soon!

JonahLIVE October 2021

LAST TIME FOR 2021: October is SOLD OUT except for 1 group below

The small group size offers a safe, intimate space for exploring your questions with ample personal time with Joy + Jonah. You can ask about personal, professional, spiritual, social, or any world related topics. 

JonahLIVE will open for enrollment April, August & October
Investment is $997

"Every session with Joy and Jonah has mattered to my well-being, and to a visceral knowing that I am lovable, and, indeed, I am love. I feel whole, whereas three years ago, I felt lost, unloved and uncertain about my ability to trust myself and my work.   Travelling on this path with Joy and Jonah has influenced my personal growth, self-worth, and self-trust. My ability to show up as a whole and a loving being was made possible with Joy and Jonah on my team.   As I consider all the pivotal moments since meeting Joy seven years ago, each has lead to profound, transformational shifts. And, since working directly with Joy and Jonah these past two years, I've gained clarity around my business and pivoted with ease. I understand the energy of money and opened myself to receive large amounts of money in the six figures. Most importantly, I've leaned into love and my potential as a limitless being. I have more discernment, trust and faith in myself and Source. "

Pamela Lynch
Transformational Coach for Creatives

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