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As an Intuitive Leader, Healer, or Channel you have probably discovered that traditional pathways don't work as easily for you as others. That's because you are breaking free from the world of limits, poverty, and control. Truth be told you never really "fit in" with everyone else - and this is your SECRET POWER! You have sensed your uniqueness for most of your life but may have thought this was a limit. You may have tried to fit in, but you can't hold back who you are or the impact you came to make any longer! You are more than what you have been told, more than what you have believed and NOW it is time to be free to experience limitless wealth and wellbeing, surrounded by a commUNITY filled with love!

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Our programs offer a direct pathway for spiritual leaders like you to develop and teach...

Emotional Freedom

Emotional freedom is the result of awakening to your energy fields, learning the truth about your interactive relationship with the body & environment, and breaking free of the patterns of stress & drama that keep you stuck.

Mental Freedom

Mental freedom is the result of becoming aware of the patterns of belief that hold you hostage, accepting yourself for who and what you are, and trusting yourself to do, be, and have all that you love! 

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom arises when you become an Advanced Manifestor, learning harness frequency patterns, to express yourself creatively, and drop the flawed logic trapping you in "how will I, when will I, or why can't I." 

...So that you can focus on making massive impact!

MindSHIFT YOUniversity

Help your clients' discover their true selves, awaken to their higher calling in life, and achieve success on their own terms as an Advanced Manifestation Mentor. Experience the ultimate journey through the Universal Laws and become licensed to use our signature programs in your business: Mastering the BrainGAME, Money Mojo, Quantum Expansion (QUE), and Quantum Numerology. The Universal Law of Divine Timing for Manifestation was channeled by Jonah through Joy Kingsborough in 2012 and is taught exclusively through MindSHIFT. Welcome to Advanced Manifestation! Create repeatable, predictable, and unforgettable experiences for you and your clients!

Quantum Numerology

Access the 200,000 year old tool that helps you release past patterns and unlock your highest gifts and potentials in a way that is mind-blowingly accurate and profoundly applicable. Live your best life right now and feel confident that you are on path every day, while helping your clients do the same. Quantum Numerology blends modern numerology with Egyptian Numerology alongside the Universal Laws to provide an evolutionary approach to numerology that is unlike anything else you have ever worked with.

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Channeled Frequency Upgrades

Attune yourself to higher frequency transmissions with these unique and powerful experiences. Whether you want to expand your financial experience, increase your overall wellbeing, tap into greater self-expression, or improve relationships you will be blown away by what unfolds during a Frequency Upgrade channeled through Joy and Jonah. These sessions are rapid, intense, and have long-lasting impact!

"The frequencies were exquisite and built steadily upon each other giving me the ability to fully embrace a further deepening into the embodiment of my essence. Over the four days I witnessed a huge expansion which among other feelings of pure love and joy also incorporated a fine tuning of the connection I have to my multi-dimensional guides bringing in a purer, elevated stream of sound and light codes. I would highly recommend joining Joy and Jonah for a powerful and individualized experience of frequency upgrades." - Julia Byrne, Master Numerologist, Channel & Pleiadean Light Work

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Join the Movement

Unity is here and we are all ushering it in as a global experience. The work you are doing matters and learning to bring it together with others will help us create the ripples of impact we are craving. One way that we are working together is by helping each other remember who we are and how we engage with this reality and the Divine (GUS: God, Universe, Source) through our higher Essence. Discover and embody your Essence now, for free using Quantum Expansion (QUE).

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