Join our next virtual gathering with Jonah

November 15, 2023


What is included?

Guided Energy Alignment

Channeled Transmission & Frequency Upgrade

Hot Seat: Ask Jonah and receive answers to your burning questions

You will walk away from  JonahLIVE with an unforgettable and transformative experience. You will spend 2 Hours in Divine connection with direct access to ask Jonah questions live, experience a relaxing energy alignment exercise, and receive a transmission to inspire and soothe your soul. You’ll leave this event aligned and ready to embrace your best life.

1:00 AM - 3:00 PM PT
Wednesday November 15, 2023
Virtual Zoom Session*

$30 USD 
FREE for Sanctuary Members

*NOTE: To access the full features of this event you will need a smart phone or device, laptop or computer. If you would like to ask a question or engage in verbal discussion you will need headphones and a microphone.

From a Recent JonahLIVE

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About Jonah

Channeled by Joy Kingsborough

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Jonah, Channeled through Joy Kingsborough, is a stream of consciousness that works in partnership with humanity to share the wisdom of the Universal Laws. Joy Kingsborough is a master channel who has been working with Jonah for more than 20 years. Joy, supported by Arlene and the Love Bug team are on a mission to share Jonah's teachings with the world.

Jonah’s directive is to teach and support humanity as they awaken to a new collective consciousness. He helps us understand how to work with the Universal Laws in deliberate patterns to manifest the reality of our dreams, thus awakening to a new human story.

About Arlene

Arlene is a Master Coach, Channel, and the co-host of JonahLIVE.

Arlene has been consciously channeling frequencies for more than 13 years, mentoring others through several modalities including mindfulness, meditation and QUE. Her magic is palpable and her impact ripples throughout our community with Divinely guided loving messages of grace, love, and radical transformation.