$88.00 USD

QUE Up Body Integrity

This 3 hour segment will usher in a profound alignment of inner and outer integrity to help integrate the changes you have made mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This channeled transmission of potent Universal Frequencies will assist the body in catching up with the internal clearing you have experienced - the healing of trauma, release of karmic patterns, and years of personal growth.

When things shift on the inside they begin to shift on the outside. However, some people experience a disconnect in body shape based on distortion patterns that have not yet been addressed. In this powerful session you will release these distortions, anchor new perceptions, and nurture the body to a new higher frequency image.

It's time for your body to match on the outside what you feel like on the inside!

August 1, 2023 @ 1-4 PM PDT
Special 3 Hour Upgrade Experience

What People Are Saying:

...what transpired truly was out of this world.

Chantel Tauleoli