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There are some things that just can't be said on Social Media. We have created a space where we can say and you can ask deep questions.

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Until now, Joy and Jonah have reserved their deeper work for clients enrolled in some of her higher ticket programs. Limited to small groups of individuals, Jonah was able to answer some of the deeper questions that we had. The conversations that unfolded in these sessions are profound. They were too good not to share and we knew that more people would benefit from hearing the responses Jonah offered. We know you are curious about what is happening in the world and want a new perspective. We needed a space where we were free to answer any question that anyone could access who is open, curious, and okay with whatever comes through in these sessions.

What is the VAULT?

The Vault was born. An uncensored, unrestricted, member's only community for exclusive content that we know you will love! Our team didn't hold back in asking the questions that others were asking about, but we couldn't answer in public. It's all waiting for you inside the Vault. The VAULT is a monthly membership with channeled recordings of Joy and Jonah, plus opportunities to join live sessions, ask your questions and experience other, unadvertised events.

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It's been quite a few years that I have questioned what I was taught in school, university and even throughout life...there was always this missing link like a nudge  from another place saying...there must be more.  The vault unlocks that curiosity of the world, of being human or understanding the energy that we live in.  

I feel more at ease in myself , a wider capacity to play in the unknown and truly step into the creator that I am! Are you ready? Are you curious enough to ask the questions? Do you really truly want the answers? Either way the Vault will propel you forward into a new way of walking upon this earth, with new depths of understanding What it is to be human right now!  - Heather Ruth, Intuitive Coach & Healer

About Joy Kingsborough

Joy Kingsborough is a Visionary Activist, Author, Spiritual Mentor, and Conscious Channel who is passionate about helping to usher in a new planetary experience of unity frequency by supporting healers, teachers, and coaches to elevate their consciousness and bravely share from this awareness in their business.

For more than 25 years, Joy has leaned on her intuition and a personal connection to the stream of consciousness known to her as Jonah.

Joy began channeling the frequency she calls Jonah about 20 years ago. Jonah is not a being, but rather, a stream of consciousness that has a distinct interest in the evolutionary path of planetary consciousness. Jonah speaks to the Universal energies through the Universal Laws, Creation Patterns, and the 6 Stages of Transformation.

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