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Readings, Gatherings and Events

J o y + J o n a h

"Feeling so aligned again. You are my spiritual chiropractor!"
- Jenn Kyllo, Founder of LifeQuest Pro

Working with channeled energy can have a profound impact on your personal and professional development, your well-being, and your intuitive expansion. 

Receive divine wisdom and instant clarity for any area of your life or in response to any questions you may have. Even if you are not sure how to word the question, Jonah is able to sense the question from just a few words.

Attending a channeled session in private or in a group will help you expand your own consciousness. The frequency that comes through the channel emits a resonate field that helps you understand what is coming through for you at a cellular level. Often you leave with clarity and inspiration integrated within you, without needing to remember what specifically was said to you. 


Virtual Gathering with "Hot Seat."

Attend a group gathering and connect with Joy + Jonah in person. In these gatherings you are guaranteed to have time to speak directly with Jonah. Session sizes are kept to a small number to ensure that everyone gets a chance to connect and have their questions answered. 

Join the next Virtual gathering on the New Moon, June 20, 2020 @ 9 AM PST. Maximum Attendance 6 people.


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Private Sessions


Available on a limited basis. Private virtual and live sessions can be customized for your unique intention. Examples:

SINGLE SESSION >> Private Channeled Readings Virtually or In-Person at your location. 1-3 Hour options available.

PRIVATE VENUE >> Private Retreats created by Joy and her team that include quantum healing, channeled coaching, and personal spiritual development in a resort location anywhere in the world; 5-10 day options available.

YOUR VENUE >> Channeled readings, quantum healing, meditations, spiritual activations, workshops or universal law teachings for your Retreat, Event, or Special Gathering. 

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