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Working with Joy & Jonah

Three paths to explore:


The Sanctuary is a sacred online space to nourish your soul, clear the karmic patterns from your mind, and free your body from emotional bondage. Meditations (with Energy Activations), Channeled Transmissions, and Live Group Coaching.

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Set yourself free from the conditions in your mind, body and life that keep you from experiencing anything less than the extraordinary!

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Total transformation. You will not be the same after MindSHIFT. Drop your patterns. Awaken your inner alchemist (advanced manifester). Merge with your Essence and create your reality.

An Immersive in-Person Experience
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March 2023


The End of Karma

Are you ready to stop healing, chasing what's wrong, or fixing something broken and instead live as a whole, Divine Being, in infinite prosperity. Joy can help you bring your life into a unified state of wellbeing where your spiritual and material self are One. If you find yourself tripping over old Karmic patterns and you are ready to rise above and beyond them, then welcome to your breakthrough. There are 3 steps to freeing yourself from Karma:

1. Universal Laws Channeled Teaching: Understand and Embody the Universal Laws.
2. Receive Your Alchemy Keys: See your Karmic Pattern for what it is (using ancient codes).
3. Learn Quantum Expansion (QuE): Become an advanced manifester and direct your life experiences through intention, integrity, and inspiration.

MindSHIFT is your pathway to vibrational expansion. Live Experience March 2023.

Marie Martin

"I would totally recommend working with Joy. She is inspiring, encouraging, expansive ... holds you accountable for self responsibility. I have completed a few programs with Joy and I am currently studying The Brain Game and Universal Laws Coaching Training and I am absolutely loving both and thriving on the knowledge support and collaborations that are being formed. I am very grateful I took the leap and said yes!!!"

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The messages you are seeking are within. Sacred Inquiry is a practice that helps you unlock those messages for more peace and prosperity right now! Access 7 free guided audios right now. 


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