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There is a global awakening creating a ripple of change throughout humanity. I believe we are evolving out of Survival Mode into Thrival Mode and we have made it our mission to support this shift.

The key to this shift is is an epic leap from one paradigm to another. To make the leap into Thrival Mode we will need to Awaken to 3 core truths:

  1. Who we are - our innate magic, our intuitive gifts, and our true nature as humans.

  2. What we want - not the things but the deeper truth of our desires.

  3. Why we want what we want.

Then, we will need to trust ourselves enough to jump and discover how it unfolds.

Hello, my name is Joy

I have been on a journey for more than 20 years learning everything I can about psychology, metaphysics, quantum physics, healing modalities, shamanism, plant medicine, coaching and...whew, the list goes on.
Ultimately, the wisdom I received through an intuitive stream of consciousness I call "Jonah," proved yo be crucial in unlocking the secrets of an extraordinary life. I discovered that the path is simple, precise and predictable but it requires a leap of faith in ourselves and an understanding of the Universal Laws.
I had never been told what I was learning from Jonah and I knew I had to share it with the world. I am now on a mission to share - not only Jonah - but the messages of peace, love and prosperity that helps us all activate Thrival-Mode for ourselves!
Activate Thrival Mode Now!
Joy is live every weekday morning with a  broadcast called Mystic Messages. You can watch live at 8 AM PDT on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. The audio is uploaded to my podcast everyday by 9 AM PDT. You can listen to today's broadcast or past episodes below.

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