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The Law of Convergence has brought us together! There is no better time to shine your light and share your gifts with the world!

If you have found your way here, thank you!
Thank you for showing up in the world, leading change, by being YOU!
It's time to elevate your impact so that you can help facilitate the world's shift and experience a true evolutionary leap like never before!

If your ready to work with Joy + Jonah more intimately, please select from the following community pathways.

The Sacred Self Community

Bring BLISS to your body, life and expression.

The Sacred Self Series is masterclass & online community designed to help you release past contracts and patterns, facilitate transmutation of energies, and receive personal channeled guidance. This series will help to awaken you to a deeper relationship with the Divine, the body you travel within, and you. You will have greater trust in yourself, trust in your intuition, an increase in your confidence and the feeling of grace and gratitude as you surrender to your calling.

 "This is such a beautiful community!" - Shelly Anderson
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Hot-Seat Group Channeling

Get ready to be seen and heard like never before. Working with Joy + Jonah in a semi-private setting is powerful and beyond words! Ask your burning questions, raise your vibration, amplify your life!

"Um...holy fu#k! That is all I have to say after that call!" - Cindy Van Arnam

"The Value of this experience is nearly indescribable." -Jen Kohler

"I understand the energy of money and opened myself to receive large amounts of money in the 6 figures." - Pamela Lynch

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It's Time to Think Bigger, to Think Like the Universe!

You have been called by a purpose bigger than your own life.

You were born to help shift the planet >>

Consciously, Socially, Spiritually, Emotionally, & Physically

You came here to impact the world, heal the generations that came before, and pave the way for future generations to live from Love, Expansion and Peace!

"I feel so much more confident, and have so much trust in myself." - Andrea Arledge

Enrollment Closed for 2020

Waitlist Opens in October for 2021

About Joy

Joy is a Visionary Activist, Conscious Channel, and Mentor. Her corporate career and degrees in psychology have led her to a unique blending of spirituality and practicality that is welcoming to those who are just awakening to their spiritual gifts and those who are well worn on the path. She channels a stream of consciousness known to her as Jonah. They have been working together for more than 20 years and have consistently delivered messages that resonate with a high level of love and compassion for humanity.

Together, Joy + Jonah are devoted to inspiring, mentoring and spiritually activating world changers. Their work is helping consciously motivated, impact driven, loving leaders embody their role as co-creator with the Universe!

25 Days of 25 Universal Laws!

Are you ready to take a trip into Universal Wisdom and unlock your own inner brilliance and personal power? Of course you are! Dive into this series below...


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