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I believe that your life and your purpose was written in the stars thousands of years ago. What you choose to do with that information is completely up to you! 

The Universe offers us all the keys to unlock our greatest potential. We need only Awaken to our innate magic, our intuitive gifts, and our true nature. We must remember who we are, what we came to do, and why we are here.

Hello, my name is Joy

I mentor Coaches, Healers and Spiritual Teachers just like you who are devoted to being the change they want to see in the world. I see the impact you are here to make and I am devoted to helping you do, be and have even more that you once thought possible. I will help you uncover YOUR direct path to confidence, clarity and prosperity! As a result, you will walk in the world being you, loving you, and expressing you without compromise, competition, or apology. 

Joy is live every weekday morning with a  broadcast called Mystic Messages. You can watch live at 8 AM PDT on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. The audio is uploaded to my podcast everyday by 9 AM PDT. You can listen to today's broadcast or past episodes below.

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