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Meet Joy...

Joy is a conscious channel for unity consciousness, working with her guide, Jonah, to point you back home to yourself.

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As a Reiki Master of 20 years, I thought I had energy all figured out. QUE brought me back to my own true essence and my own true power.


Jennifer Kohler

Advanced Manifestation Mentor

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Marie Martin

"I would totally recommend working with Joy.A She is inspiring, encouraging, expansive...holds you accountable for self responsibility. I am very grateful I took the leap and said yes!!!"

Mira Rocca

"I just wanted to say thank you again!! This past frequency upgrade has been absolutely powerful!!!!!!"

Tara Leduc

"Joy will inspire you to step into your feminine leadership. No more playing small!"

Sara McClellan

"Thank you for helping me honour myself with strength and purpose."



Activated by a near death experience in 1999, Joy has been working in spiritual partnership to cultivate the ability to channel frequency. She has been shown how to direct your thoughts, in collaboration with your heart and higher self, to access life affirming frequencies and move them through the body to clear unwanted body-mind states, re-write karmic patterns, and create incredible manifestations! 

How does it work?

You can experience these frequencies by attending a Live session in person or online. The frequencies that Joy transmits are potent and amplified for everyone in the room to experience. Because your body experiences 22 opportunities every SECOND to transform itself, the frequencies work with your body rapidly to make adjustments at a cellular level. 

Higher frequencies begin to code your cells for abundance, peace, ease, love and more. This invites the releasing of lower frequency patterns that you have stored. The body activates cell-death in unwanted cells (apoptosis), cell-replication with the NEW programs - not the old ones, and activates your highest potentials available in your DNA. This can feel like a "timeline jump," and for all intents and purpose this is what occurs. Your life changes dramatically.

Higher Frequencies have dramatic impact. You may experience spontaneous healing journeys, awakened consciousness (abundant thoughts), and a drive to express yourself truthfully in the world.  

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Let Love Lead...

Charities of Choice:

We are committed to supporting the expansion of love on the planet through all beings. We volunteer our time and resources with local equine advocates and contribute a percentage of our profits to education and rescue charities who support horses and burros. Our featured individuals and organizations:

Shayna Kahn - Animal Communicator, Advocate, and Groomer
Check out her Pet Matchmaking Service to help unite people with their dream pets. 

EQUUS - The EQUUS Foundation is the only national charity in the United States 100% dedicated to ensuring the welfare of America's horses and fostering the horse-human bond. 

QUE Up Magic with Horses
Join us in circle with the horses (when weather permits):