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Joy and Arlene have spent the last 25 years focused on their own personal, professional, and spiritual awakening. They came together in 2019 at a time when the world was about ready to awaken more collectively than ever before. They were united by a mutual desire to live and share higher truths. Their devotion to consciousness and evolutionary ideas led to a partnership that transcends time and space. Joy, channeling Jonah & the Mother, transmits frequencies that activate transformation and rapid manifestation. Arlene, channeling her higher self and unity consciousness, works with our clients to help them embody the teachings of Jonah and to live an extraordinary life.



From an early age, Joy and Arlene both experienced traumas that led to their individual healing journeys. Both experienced profound breakthroughs in wealth, love and wellbeing that led to a desire to share what they discovered with others. Each have backgrounds in corporate business, achieved advanced degrees in psychology, embodied and taught Reiki, and developed quantum healing techniques to support their clients. Joy began sharing the channeled conversations she was having with Jonah in a more public way in 2016 which opened the door for Arlene and Joy to meet a few years later. Arlene has been a key catalyst for the growth of MindSHIFT YOUniversity, for QUE, for Quantum Numerology and other signature programs that have been created by Joy with the guidance of her spiritual partner, Jonah. Arlene works alongside Joy as the primary course mentor for MindSHIFT YOUniversity and content curator for Joy and Jonah.

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