Living the Laws - The Law of Least Effort

living the universal laws Mar 28, 2022

The Law of Least Effort - The Universal Laws

Dearest Lovebugs,

The Universe you live within is simple but you have chosen to see it through the lens of the physical, which appears complex.

You try to recreate results by examining the physical path they seem to have taken to get where they are now.

You can replicate some things this way, but you do this by accident and a great deal of effort.

There is an easier way. When you are ready for the easier way it will arise.

When you are ready for the easier way you will learn more about the codes and math that help generate the comforts you appreciate.

You use more ingredients than is needed in everything that you do.

The Law of Least Effort invites the simplicity of the universe.

When you recognize that you are a universal, divine being you will also recognize that you can use Universal Law to support ease and peace and love in your life and the whole world.

All you need to do is set a course using your mind and heart (thought and feeling) and then maintain your course by loving anything that arises within or outside of you along the way.

This is a choice that many do not see the brilliance of. Most can only understand when they experience it.

When earth-shattering news arises or a painful situation arises and you decide to love your way through it instead of suffering will come the breakthrough for many of you.

For others it will be when a painful memory arises and you chose to feel it and choose to love it, that you will discover freedom.

When will you decide to leave the excuses behind and do the simplest thing, love?

We never said it was easy, we said it was simple. The complicated path is the easiest path to walk, because it keeps you spinning in circles your whole life able to blame excuse after excuse.

Eventually easy and complicated become suffering, stagnation and surrender. You can never blame enough excuses to rid yourself of them.

Simplicity may feel hard in the beginning, but once you have micro-pivoted the biggest challenges "easy" finds you on the simple path, along with success and happiness and play and everything else you dream of.

You decide, simple and difficult today for lifetimes of peace; or, easy and complex today that leads to lifetimes of disappointment , abandonment of your dreams and exhaustion?

You've got this. We see you. Love is calling you and you are answering.

You are willing to love with the kind of ferocity that builds a new world from the inside-out.


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