The Old Ways Aren't Working Anymore


Not in business, relationships, society, education... Everywhere we look systems are coming undone. 


We Cannot Go On Like This...

Instead of just surviving, 

how do we pivot and shift
so that we expand, grow and thrive?


There are so many opinions, so much division and the chaos has reached epic proportions. We want to trust our intuition and believe that things are going to get better, but, have you looked at the world lately? It's not so easy to believe. Many people feel frozen not knowing what to do, others are afraid and reactionary, and others are preparing for rebellion.

Many, LIKE YOU, want to help change things.


But...  Houston, we have a problem.

"No problem can be solved from the SAME level of CONSCIOUSNESS that created it."


- Albert Einstein

How many times do we need to read this before we understand the point Mr. Einstein was making. We must stop focusing on fixing the problem and shift our consciousness. I don't mean passively, I mean deliberately and intentionally shift our consciousness.


Perhaps we can choose to heed this message now. 


These are trying times but they are also exciting times! We have never been more equipped to raise our consciousness than ever before. It's time to bring the science of the physical and the metaphysical together and make the leap in consciousness individually (so that we can do it collectively). We need leaders, like you, to pave the way for others.


It will take focus, dedication, new information and a practical pathway for us to do this efficiently, peacefully and in a timely manner.


This is why I created MindSHIFT.


The Next MindSHIFT Starts In March

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If you have been following my work you will know already, but for those who are just meeting me for the first time - let me share a little backstory. 

I have been communicating with Universal Intelligence in many forms for more than 20 years. I am an explorer of consciousness experientially, academically and scientifically. I prioritize the application of wisdom that is shared with me in meditative states of consciousness (aka "I trust my intuitive guidance"). Most of the information I have received in the last 5 years has been channeled directly from the Quantum Field (an intuitive field of conscious information available at specific frequencies).

As a teacher, my method is to implement the practices myself and understand them in my own life first. Once I have witnessed their effectiveness, I share the techniques with a handful of longtime clients and friends and learn from their experiences and responses. When I can duplicate the results, I investigate the science, uncovering what is known or unknown about what I am doing and experiencing. This helps me fill in the gaps and to be able to explain in simple terms what are often complex concepts. In the last 10 years I have delivered more than 20 different courses and worked with more than 800 clients, to develop self mastery and spiritual growth, and the results have been consistent and the impact immeasurable! 

All of that work has led to this moment and the launch of MindSHIFT into the world. In the beginning of creating MindSHIFT I was shown a series of precise techniques to shift consciousness deliberately. I have been working with mentors in Quantum Physics and Cosmology for the last year to better understand the science behind what I and my clients are experiencing. I was MINDBLOWN by what I discovered!

We can shift our consciousness and walk away from war, violence and suffering and we can do it now!

It's time for me to share that journey with you and help you make the leap too. To do this, you are going to learn to think like the Universe, be like the Universe, and create like the Universe!

This is not manifestation. This is SO MUCH MORE!

Please pause for a moment and imagine what it would be like to live without limits? 

What would you create?

Everything You Need to Think Like the Universe!

MindSHIFT is a proven methodology for limitless expansion that shifts people from mindset to expansive co-creation with the Universe through embodiment of the Universal Laws and learning to think like the Universe.

MindSHIFT prepares you for what's next; for the leap in consciousness and the global changes that are emerging. MindSHIFT delivers in depth information, experience and a quantum toolbox to help you support yourself and others. MindSHIFT will focus on these 3 pillars of personal and spiritual development: 

1. Universal Law: Understanding & mentally applying Universal Laws (aka language of the Universe)

2. Conscious Evolution: Leaving the limits of mindset and the ego behind to immerse in limitless potential

3. Quantum Expansion (Que): A modality for harnessing the intelligence of Source Energy (the Quantum Cosmos, God, Universe, etc.) to EXPAND your impact directly, effectively and reliably to fulfill your dreams


This is an immersive 6-month experience

that will leave you fluent in the language of universal law and living in the realm of limitless possibilities!

We will uncover what these aspects mean, experience the techniques, and bring everything together to...

Apply the wisdom in your life and business

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Is MindSHIFT for you?

  • Are you ready to make the leap from limits and challenges to freedom and ease in your relationships, your career, your friendships, and your spiritual connection?
  • Are you ready to let go of the consciousness that roots you in past patterns, experiencing never ending limits to breakthrough, and repeating the same problem - solution cycle over and over?
  • Are you ready to move beyond manifestation and become a powerful, limitless creator?
  • Are you ready to take responsibility for helping to create a new world instead of band-aiding the old one?
  • Are you ready to let go of competition and fighting for success, in order to flow in the currency of money once and for all!?
  • Are you ready to harness the universe to experience abundance, love, creativity, and play like you have only dreamed of?
  • Are you ready to release the need for: proving, comparison, defending, anxiety, worry, uncertainty, fear, guilt, shame, blame, judgment, betrayal, hurt, injustice, indecision, and rejection...for good!?


Imagine, seeing your life through the eyes of limitless potential where possibilities flow like water and you wake up inspired to contribute every day because you want to, not because you have to!


This is your life with MindSHIFT!

Universal Law Certification

Value: $5,997

This monthly training and masterclass series is designed to immerse you into the universal laws. You will have a mastery level knowledge of the laws and how to apply them in your decision making for life, love and business. Upon completion of this series you will have the wisdom and skills needed to coach or mentor your clients in universal thinking. This is way beyond anything I have taught before!

We cover over 25 laws during our 6 months together!

6 Monthly Calls >> 2 Hours each month of Interactive Zoom Training and Discussion. 

Frequency & Flow Sessions

Value: $2,997

These 1 hour guided activation sessions facilitate the awakening of the 6 core frequencies of creation (Wealth, Health, Love, Expression, Peace and Source).  You will be able to use these techniques with your clients!

These sessions include clearing of frequency patterns that are interrupting the flow of energy in and around your body.

6 Monthly Calls >> 1 Hour each month for guided process and questions.

The Round Table Mastermind

Value: $1,997

The Round Table is a monthly mastermind for small groups to gather for brainstorming, masterminding, inspiration and innovation. Bring your ideas and questions to the table and we will help you apply universal thinking to increase your potential and possibilities!

This is where you will experience real-time application of MindSHIFT to maximize your results in your business or visionary movement.  

6 Monthly Calls >> You will be partnered with a small group of participants with diverse backgrounds and skills who can support you in living bravely into your vision. These zoom sessions are 90 minutes each month.

Possibility Playground

Value: $397

This is an "as needed" Zoom gathering and community live stream that is available every week. In these sessions Joy and special guests will offer Quantum Transmutation: an energetic technique using channeled energy from Source through channeled messages and coaching that help you pivot your old mindset habits and open your mind and heart to new levels of possibility. This is where real time activation of Universal Thinking is made available.

This space is open to everyone in the course on an as needed or desired basis. The Playground is open 1 hour a week for your personal exploration and mind-shifting. 

MindSHIFT Community

As a member of the MindSHIFT program you will have access to a private community. This is where you will be able to socialize and connect with with other changemakers, leaders, and healers who have committed to not only talking about raising the consciousness of humanity but are doing the work - for themselves and the world! Imagine the collaborations, partnerships and inspiration that can be birthed from this community!

Bonus content will be added to the MindSHIFT Community space that is not listed in the course curriculum above.

The Mindshift Impact Project

As a member of MindSHIFT you are invited to participate in the brand new Impact Project. This is a new and developing program that will grow as our community grows. The purpose of this gathering is the collaboration of leaders to create practical transformation of old world challenges into new world solutions, such as:  conscious evolution initiatives in marginalized communities or for children, hunger, housing, equity, education, environmental impact, etc.

This space is where we can multiply our impact in limitless ways into the world, beyond the scope of our personal businesses. This quarterly gathering is voluntary and will continue beyond this program container, to support our initiatives ongoing. 

PIF BONUS #1 >> Money Mojo

When You Pay in Full

Value: $495

Redefine your relationship with money, wealth and abundance forever! In this 3-Part Mini-Course you will clear money blocks and raise your frequency to align with the limitless flow of wealth available on demand! Using the wisdom of the 5 key Universal Laws of Wealth, we will turn the tap on and watch it flow. 



PIF BONUS #2 >> Jonah Live!

When You Pay in Full

Value: $1197

There is a secret group online where Joy channels Jonah for a small number of people. It's been a secret, until now. Participants asks questions or begin a conversation thread and Joy channels a response from Jonah with Quantum Healing. The shifts that take place in this group are difficult to describe and must be experienced. Some have said it is like 5 years of intense coaching packed into an hour; you are forever changed; and, something happens at a cellular level. 

"Um...holy fu#k! That is all I have to say after that call!" - Cindy Van Arnam

Spacious Investment

$600 usd/mo.

10 Monthly Payments*

  • Universal Law Certification (Value $5,997)
  • Frequency & Flow Sessions (Value $2,997)
  • The Round Table Mastermind (Value $1,997)
  • MindSHIFT Community
  • Possibility Playground (Value $397)
  • MindSHIFT Impact Project







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A Little Breathing Room

$1000 usd/mo.

6 Monthly Payments

  • Universal Law Certification (Value $5,997)
  • Frequency & Flow Sessions (Value $2,997)
  • The Round Table Mastermind (Value $1,997)
  • MindSHIFT Community
  • Possibility Playground (Value $397)
  • MindSHIFT Impact Project










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Front Row Seat


Single Payment

  • Universal Law Certification (Value $5,997)
  • Frequency & Flow Sessions (Value $2,997)
  • The Round Table Mastermind (Value $1,997)
  • MindSHIFT Community
  • Possibility Playground (Value $397)
  • MindSHIFT Impact Project
  • BONUS: Money Mojo Masterclass (Value $495 (Live or Replay)
  • Semi-Private Channeling Group with Joy + Jonah for monthly channeled messages and coaching in a small (6-8 pp) online zoom group. (Value $1,197)
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Investment & Pricing Questions

If you are feeling pulled to MindSHIFT or any of our programs but you need a bit of support around the decision, please know that we are here for you and we see you. Change and expansion inspires growth in many areas and this decision does not look or feel the same for everyone. We would love to have you join us, so please email Joy directly ([email protected]) and share your questions or concerns so that we may support you in reaching a decision that looks and feels good to you. 

For 2020 - 2021 Inclusion & Equity Pricing: If you are experiencing an adverse financial impact as a member of a marginalized group of people, please take a moment to read our Inclusion & Equity Statement below were you will find additional pricing options. If you are experiencing financial abundance and feel called to support people taking this course from marginalized communities you can contribute by adding an additional amount (of your choosing) at check out. These contributions will be added to scholarships for 2020 and 2021.

Inclusion & Equity Statement

Meet Some Of Our Previous Students

MindSHIFT is running for the first time this September; however, we thought you might like to hear from some of the students who have gone through the Universal Laws, Money Mojo and some of the other components of the program. The material has been updated and expanded upon to include leading edge material that our previous students are eager to dive into as much as our new students!

Pamela Lynch

Certified Universal Laws & Self Mastery Coach for Creatives


"This program allows you to fly!"

Jen Kohler

Certified Universal Laws Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, & Numerologist


"More money has come through than I've ever had before!"

Cindy Van Arnam

Quantum Numerologist, Wealth Activator, Self Mastery Coach, Operations Manager 

"I've had so many breakthroughs! It's as if someone flicked a switch." 


Meet the Team Behind MindSHIFT

About Joy

Joy is a Visionary Activist, Mentor & Conscious Channel

Joy is the creatrix of Mastering the BrainGAME, the Kingsborough Method of Transformation, and MindSHIFT, programs designed to elevate your consciousness and your life. Her corporate career and degrees in psychology have led her to a unique blending of spirituality and practicality that feels fresh and welcoming to those who are just awakening to their spiritual gifts and those who are well worn on the path. She channels a stream of consciousness known to her as Jonah. They have been working together for more than 20 years and have consistently delivered messages that resonate with a high level of love and compassion for humanity.

Together, Joy + Jonah are devoted to inspiring, mentoring and spiritually activating world changers. Their work is helping consciously motivated, impact driven, loving leaders embody their role as co-creator with the Universe; as the Universe!


Eva Cruz Pena

Conscious Inclusion & Equity Officer

Nurse. Theologian. Mental Health Therapist. Military Chaplain. Pastor. Life Coach. Writer. Businesswoman. Educator. Facilitator. Racially Profiled. Wrongfully Accused. Physically Assaulted. All of these experiences have informed the way Eva shows up in the world as an instrument of liberation in a space that is bound by power and fear. As the creator, educator, and facilitator of Sacred Inclusion, Eva holds the space for deeper exploration, taking progressive liberal white women through a journey that addresses the conscious & unconscious ways in which harm is perpetrated towards people of color (POC) so they can learn to create truly inclusive and safer spaces.

As the Conscious Inclusion & Equity Officer for MindSHIFT LLC Eva holds the space for and accountability to our growth in this important aspect of our community and business. If at anytime you would like to reach out to Eva or anyone on our team to learn more about what we are doing in the area of inclusion and equity, you  would like support resolving an issue, or you feel we could do better, please contact us via email at [email protected]

Inclusion & Equity Statement

We not only believe in inclusion, we stand for it and are guided by the value of unity in all that we do and all that we are. We celebrate that we are different in many ways and revel in the power of this kind of diversity on the planet. We also celebrate that we are one, all connected by the source that moves within the hearts of us all. The love that moves through us, moves through you and we are connected in ways that are not yet fully understood globally. We hold a vision of a time when that is no longer true. 

We are continually learning and growing as members of the greater human family and pride ourselves on reflecting our commitment to inclusion within each of our communities, prioritizing a sense of unity, love, compassion and celebration of all people. We are committed to the amplification of inclusive practices and the continued evolution of our understanding of diverse communities so that we might serve them better. To support these beliefs, we will implement new policies, procedures or terms as they become necessary without hesitation.

We stand with humanity and the planet. We stand with people of all opinions, housing status, culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, languages spoken, veteran’s status, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation and beliefs.

We stand with Love.

2020-2021 Equity Pricing:  If you are a member of a marginalized community we welcome you to claim a 10% discount. Simply use the Coupon Code "TOGETHER" at checkout to claim your equity discount. It’s on an honor system for anyone who feels they qualify (no one on our team will ever contact you for more information).

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