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living the universal laws Apr 08, 2022

You were born pre-programmed for efficiency and focus. You wanted to have the perfect potentials already installed for your journey here. However, you also knew that the world would begin overriding your programming before you would realize your own power to program yourself.

That means you will have some work to do to rediscover your core programming and then actively amplify the traits you love so that you can leverage them for success!

The Universe provided a direct way of you knowing your programming quickly and efficiently and that was though the numbers. Since the early days of Atlantis, Egypt, Central and South America and in the early civilizations of all continents is a record of your connection to the stars and the numerical code of their movements. Those movements directly reflect your personality codes and the codes for family, wealth, health and career - everything! The movement of the solar system is always working to help you restore your originally programming so that you can fulfill an extraordinary life.

The numbers are conscious, the numbers provide a common language, and the numbers are infinite.

When you see multiple numbers you are always being invited to connect with us. Always.


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