Living the Laws - Law of Momentum/Acceleration!

living the universal laws Apr 05, 2022

What can you do when you find yourself on a path (or 2) that you don't love and things seem to be speeding up?

You can do what you have always done and play out the situation or you can activate your inner power of choice. You have been given an infinite number of choices. You will never run out. Make a choice and move toward it.

Oh, you want to make the "right" choice. We hear you. The only right choice is the one you love. Until you decide to do what you love you will continue to choose what you don't love in order to get love. Start with love and you will never need to find it. Start with love and love will pour through you every moment. Start with love and you will build a life, a business, and a world that you love. Start with love and success is inevitable!

Choose and keep choosing until you surrender to the path you love. You are not stuck. Your options are limitless.


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