Living the Laws - Your Most Important Relationships in 2022

living the universal laws Apr 11, 2022

Today we are bringing your attention to the bigger conversation unfolding in the world - Separation, and Wholeness - and how this viewpoint impacts your choice of community.

Your most important relationships moving forward aren't individual relationships with 1 or 2 people, they are the relationships you have with you and your community.

We invite you to align with community through the lens of wholeness and giving rather than the outdated model of separation and getting.

What separates you from others physically is not the alignment we recommend. What brings you together vibrationally is where we invite you to focus. Here is how you align with community vibrationally:

1. Values
2. Virtue
3. Vision

These energies can be held within any body of any shape, size and color. Limits are only physical. Limitlessness is vibrational. How you think and feel is the magic.

Let's celebrate and amplify community today!

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