The Law of Entropy

mystic messages Mar 14, 2022

March 14, 2022 - The Law of Entropy

Good Morning Lovebugs,

Have you noticed that what you talk about, what you complain about, what you defend or prove is real seems to persist? The more attention you give to something the more it grows. The more you share something, the more it spreads.

Humans use this knowledge to manipulate each other into agreement all the time - agreement to purchase, agreement to fight, agreement to defend. When was the last time you used this knowledge to activate agreement with your dreams?

What do you dream today?

You may feel the pull to see something or pay attention to something you do not want. This pull is an opportunity for you to say goodbye in the most energetic and powerful way.

1. Acknowledge it's completion. Hold your hand on your heart and reinforce that what you see or experience is leaving and you accept that as what is. It may still sit in front of you, but you can be confident that the Law of Entropy is in action. You call tell by how you feel. You can feel it falling away.

You feel this falling away as grief or disappointment or worry. We invite you to feel it as entropy and stop personalizing the process. It is time for a new experience.

2. Turn your attention to what's next. If you know what is next that's easy. If you do not yet know what's next focus on the awareness that there is a next arising. Be open and curious about what's next.

By focusing on your devotion you allow entropy to assist you in the fulfilling of the next story. The pages of life are always turning. You cannot avoid endings. Your role is to point your mind and heart to beginnings. You are the creator, entropy is the janitor.

Do not effort. Allow the endings. If you want more of what is leaving, then focus on a new version. Keep your inner and outer eyes focused on this moment and what is possible now. Invite a new intention, "With this change I choose to..."


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