The VAULT Episode 2 - Why are We Here?

the vault Feb 04, 2022

The VAULT, Season 1 Episode 2 Preview with Joy Kingsborough

Enjoy this provocative segment of the VAULT, Season 1, Episode 2.

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Table of Contents for this Episode:

  1. Introduction
  2. Where does that bridge (between worlds) go?
  3. Can you elaborate on control and what that is? Control is a human construct. The others will arrive one day. 🖖🏻
  4. Why are we here?
  5. Is there a place we get to where control is no longer the narrative?
  6. Where is the line between choosing and control?
  7. Is this the return (of the parent)?
  8. Are the parents and the creators the same?
  9. Back to control
  10. How do we release control with more ease?
    Just let go
  11. How far do we have to go, to let go?
  12. Playing the game
  13. What about COVID? Vax or no Vax? 🤯
  14. Do we have to let go of the old world? (for the new world?)
  15. Yet I’m still trying to control (It’s about to get really really crazy.)
  16. Final thoughts

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