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March 18, 2022 - Wholeness, the Law of One


Often we hear you as you seek the information that will bring about a rapid change in your circumstances. You ask us, what is the one thing that will break me free to have, do or be what I want.

Our answer is most often, change the way you think about who you are. You are not a body, you are the energy the moves with it, in it, around it. You are one with the Divine, with the Universe, with the All. You are not separate.

The paradigm of separation is hard to shake for many of you. You believe your eyes and ears over your heart and intuition. The ears and eyes can be tricked by shadows in a way that your intuition never can. Yet, you hold on to the illusion that what you see is all that matters.

Today, sit with your curiosity about the One. Sit with this idea and witness it bloom in your mind. Do you believe you are One? If you do, what more could that mean today? Could you feel the Oneness in the body more today? Could you  allow yourself to accept this more today?

The law of oneness is the law that governs all other laws. If you want to be an attractor, it's easiest as one.

We love you,

We are always with you,

In the One,


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