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Transmuting Stress -- Thrive During Trying Times

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 11AM - 1PM PST

Online Transmission with Q & A

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Money & Value: Available Instantly - Stream Anytime

Relationships: Available Instantly - Stream Anytime

Vitality: Available Instantly - Stream Anytime



Purpose: Available Instantly - Stream Anytime

Opportunity: Available Instantly - Stream Anytime

Source/Unity: Available Instantly - Stream Anytime


Special Events:

Body Integrity - Align How You Feel on the Inside With What You Look Like in the Mirror

3-Hour Channeled Experience

Available Instantly - Stream Anytime


Raise Your Vibe and experience a life you only dreamed about when you say yes to a Frequency Upgrade.

A frequency upgrade is a 7-Day guided transmission designed to amplify the flow of universal energy to create lasting change in your body, relationships, and life. These immersive experiences help you embody higher states of thought, feeling, and physical manifestation!  These 7-Day sessions will open you to greater potentials, deeper connections, and massive receiving! Don't just dream about what you want, allow yourself to have it right now!

Choose 1 or dive into all 6 upgrades. You have limitless replays so that you can continue to upgrade as often as you like. These are a must-experience for anyone on a healing or spiritual advancement journey!

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Frequency is the future of manifestation!

When you know what you want and your ready to have it your life takes on a quality of magic that is palpable and absolutely life-shifting at all levels! Getting to that level of certainty is a challenge for most people and so you may find yourself settling for almost, close, or just good enough. You may have even surrendered to the feeling of "I should be grateful" for all that I have. You may be secretly hoping and praying that one day your ship will come in, that breakthrough will unfold, or a radical opportunity will fall into your lap. Alongside that hope you may also be suspicious of receiving anything better than good as you fear the price you will pay (the shoe that will drop or the rug that will be pulled from under your feet). 

Mixed messages within represent mixed frequencies in the body which result in unpredictable, inconsistent, and mediocre results.

Stop the cycle of less than, not enough, and doubt that runs your abundance story. Instead of tricking the mind with techniques and mental gymnastics, get to the source of manifestation: Alchemy of Frequency

What is Alchemy of Frequency?

Frequencies are wave patterns available in and all around you. They take up all of the space you see and don't see. These wave patterns respond to focused thought, causing an amplification of their potency. A frequency that has been amplified with thought begins to form matter as a magnetic field. This field directs your body-state (vibration), creating heightened states of well-being, youthfulness, and personal power. As your vibration raises, the field around the body directs the creation of a completely new reality around you.

The Alchemy of Frequency is the ability to direct frequency into the body, while holding space for the integration of these patterns within the cells of the body. As a channel for higher frequency, Joy's ability to alchemize these waves is highly attuned. She is able to work with individual frequency waves, combining waves consciously to bring about powerful results for herself and her clients. Arlene harmonizes the energy in the room to create the ideal conditions for each participant to receive the energy that has been channeled for them during each session.

You don't need to understand how alchemy works to experience the changes you desire. You need only open up to the possibilities and try it for yourself. The results speak for themselves.

Each Upgrade Includes:

  • 5 to 7 Days of Intensive Energy Series Custom Created for Each Topic
  • Lifetime Access to Replays
  • Channeled Transmissions, Frequency Immersions, and Q & A Hot Seat with Joy (channeling Jonah)

These upgrades have been so brilliant! I’m still landing into them fully and it feels so good to cultivate and nurture the relationship with myself and witnessing the rippling out into my relationship with others! - Wanda Pandachuck

-Wanda Pandachuck

...I witnessed a huge expansion which among other feelings of pure love and joy also incorporated a fine tuning of the connection I have to my multi-dimensional guides bringing in a purer, elevated stream of sound and light codes. I would highly recommend joining Joy and Jonah for a powerful and individualized experience of frequency upgrades.

-Julia Byrne 

I’m loving these experiences and have shifted deeply in beautiful ways.

I’m all in with love and sacred, while, and honorable relationship with self.

It’s refreshing to let truly let go of mis-perceptions, attachment, and rejection patterns to live free in all relationships in my life.

“More” is ever expanding through the frequency of love!!  Michele Laine

-Michele Laine  

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Joy's ability to create sacred containers is magical and frankly unmatched. This particular container for Frequency Upgrade was incredible!

-Jennifer Kohler 

The relationship one shifted so much within my being in ways we’ve been programmed to think. Loved the layers that shifted, the layers that strengthened and the layers that awakened. The fun part I didn’t anticipate- it would be such a fun week in  business connections with the play and conversations with people and more. The sacred union with self was profound. 

- Shelly Anderson

...what transpired truly was out of this world. I'm confident there are no words to explain the difference in not only how I felt but how I looked physically from day 1 to day 5.

-Chantel Tauteoli 

I just want to say thank you. This has just been so profound. I feel like especially in the last couple of days, that I've peeled away years of lack of self-worth and acknowledgement of the magic that is me. And I just feel like I just feel like I've just burst out and there's just such a deep joy and playfulness now, I've gotten so out of my mind just into the flow. That is me.
And I just feel so grateful. And thank you for guiding me through this growth. It's just been profound. So thank you.  Thank you, guys. Honestly, all this has added to my worth, believe me, so thank you for being there for me as well. Appreciate you all..

-Christine Stewart

This has been the most powerful container yet (Vitality), because of all the upgrades and just witnessing my own life, myself through these things. It's been really amazing...and I can still feel things moving but I've never felt my body more open in my life. And the way I can tell physically is like when I look in the mirror or the 10 pounds or the 15 pounds that's still there like I don't really give a crap anymore, because they're not real and move they'll do what they need to do. Yeah, and I don't have quite the words to express how free that feels. Because I don't ever remember a time where it didn't matter.

And so I just wanted to thank you guys, for as always being in the space helping amplify the space and providing so much love.

-Michele Laine 

These containers have been a powerful catalyst in my own personal journey.

They are not something you can preconceive and describing the impact and experience itself is beyond words.. because the impact is  literally a vibrational frequency upgrade!

We upgrade our houses, cars, flights, wardrobes, resumes on and on and on... yet all along the upgrade with the greatest impact is the upgrade of the frequencies within us and around us ! With this powerful tool we can experience all the other upgrades without effort!

- Martha K. Wahl

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