The Sanctuary is an incubator for your gifts and a sacred space to nourish your soul. Each Month You Will Receive the Following >>


1. Live Channeled Teaching Call

2. Quarterly Masterclass to Develop Abilities

3. Developing Your Channel Sessions

4. Channeled Meditations/Activations

5. Semi-Private Coaching


You will learn to trust yourself, love yourself and express yourself without the limitations of your current experience.


We gather for 1 year, a few hours each month, from January - December 2020.





In these sessions, Joy will share 12 channeled Teachings specifically designed for the healers, leaders and mentors of 2020, to deepen your understanding of and connection to self and your sacred gifts. 

Some of the topics we will be unpacking together are >>

Earth Conditions
Karmic Clearing
Money & The Material World
Assension/Evolution of Consciousness (and Body)
the Role of Emotions
the Sacred "New" Earth
Mutuality (We Energy) 
Spiritual Integrity...and much more!

Through these 60 minute monthly sessions you will also release emotional instability, insecurity, and past life fears that may be lingering in the cells of your body or that you may be carrying for others in the collective.

You will receive energetic transmissions through the teachings that help you bring in more flow, peace and love into your body. As a result you will shed the conditions that keep you from loving, so that you can amplify the expression of your love and spiritual gifts and create greater impact in your life and the lives of those around you.

1 Call Monthly

Live & Recorded Accessibility






The next leg of the awakening journey will require an evolution of the Ego and an integration of the true You - a You that does not bypass your own evolution. To facilitate this evolution Joy + Jonah will hold quarterly masterclasses to help you develop specific conscious, evolutionary traits that will ease the journey and accelerate the shift >>

Energy Alignment
Cellular Detox
Divine Focus

Quarterly Sessions >> March, June, September and November






Every one of you who is called to this work is a Channel of some kind. You may or may not yet be aware. Joy + Jonah will help you feel safe to run the energies of your choosing. You are never at the whim of spiritual influences. You hold all of the power through your choice.

Not only will you feel safe with your unfolding abilities, in these sessions you will discover which type of Channeled energy you are running, how to integrate mind & spirit, and raise your body vibration and become a master channel.

There are currently 6 Types of Channeled Streams >>
1. Mental Density
2. Consciousness Field (including Akashic)
3. Higher Self/Individual
4. Dimensional Channel
5. Collective Channel, and
6. Messenger Channel

3-Day Series in January 2020





Channeled, coded meditations to cleanse the body and activate higher frequencies in the body.

Each meditation will help to anchor in the higher frequencies as you evolve.

A new meditation is released each month.





These sessions are live coaching calls with Joy + Jonah. Sign up for a hot-seat session each month to discuss challenges or brainstorms solutions for any area of your life or come to learn, grow and support as a Divine observer.

1 x Monthly




We gather for 1 year, a few hours each month, from January - December 2020. 

Option 1 >> The Sanctuary Group Experience

Journey with us for $995/year (now $765 for the year replay and remaining live calls) or 9 monthly payments for $85.

Enroll Monthly Enroll Annually

Option 2 >> Work with Joy + Jonah Privately

SOLD OUT This offering is designed for those who would like private mentorship. You will develop your gifts together, nurture your ability to channel, and develop pathways to apply your gifts to your conscious business.

The Sanctuary Mentorship Package for 2020

It is usually $10,000 to work with Joy for the year. We have been guided to work with a limited number of people at a significantly reduced price of $5500/Year (12 payments of $460)

Limited to 6 participants. Includes everything in the Sanctuary Program, PLUS:

 ++ Unlimited Private Voxer-Mentoring ++

++ Monthly Private Mentorship Calls ++

++ Annual Blueprint & Forecast ++

++Jonah Private Channeling Circle ++

Enroll below or email for invoicing options.




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