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The world around us seems unpredictable and unstable more often than not - how do we continue to lead, to grow and to expand during these times?


We come back to our center.

We go within.

We expand our consciousness.

We evolve, together.

As an intuitive mentor, healer, or visionary I know how inspired you are to change the world through your gifts and powerful work. I know you feel pulled by a vision that feels bigger than you and sometimes out of reach. You are committed to doing your own inner and outer work so that you can lead with integrity, authenticity and conviction; but, the uncertainty in the world around you has you feeling distracted, sometimes confused, and a bit unsure about what to do next or how to move forward in the best way. 

The Sacred Self Community was designed for you, for me, for all us during these evolutionary times.


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What is the Sacred Self Community?

We are a community of consciousness explorers, healers, teachers, and leaders who are committed to the collective evolution of consciousness on the planet. We are committed to our own personal evolution so that we can have the greatest impact in world change.

The Sacred Self Community is hosted by Joy Kingsborough who channels a stream of consciousness from the Quantum Field known to us as Jonah. Jonah guides us in quantum healing visualizations and exercises each week to help us stay aligned with our highest good. There is also time to ask questions directly to Jonah each week, for those times when a little clarity is just the thing that will move you forward in personal, professional and social situations. 

Through the following, live and recorded sessions, the Sacred Self Community serves as a touchstone for us to keep aligned with our truest selves, our most authentic voices, our mission and vision for the world, and our connection to the Divine/Source/Universe.

Monday & Thursday Live Drop-in Sessions

Clearing & Activations for Vibration and Frequency Alignment

Channeled Q & A to have any question answered by Jonah

Library of Past Sessions & Bonus Content

Only $27/m!

Participating in these weekly touchpoints will help to awaken you to a deeper relationship with the Divine, yourself and your body.

Participation is light and easy but the results are profound. Some of the results participants experience are >>

  • greater trust in yourself
  • trust in your intuition
  • support from the Universe
  • activation of your intuitive or spiritual gifts at new levels
  • feel better in your body
  • Flow in your relationships, money, health and career
  • and the feeling of grace and gratitude as you surrender to your calling


It's indeed amazing. Love it!!!! - Rika Harris
"This was a journey my soul was craving and I will forever be grateful that I listened to my intuition and said yes because my life is forever changed!" - Shelly Anderson
"The Monday Activations are worth the cost of the entire program, but you get so much more!" - Roberta Robbins
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What are Clearing & Activation Sessions >>

These are channeled live into the group by Jonah through Joy. Jonah guides a customized meditation-like experience that includes quantum healing codes that are transmitted throughout the broadcast. Participating live or via the recording allow you to release long standing limits and open up to expansive states of consciousness, positively altering what is possible in your life. Some benefits that we notice:

  • A sense of peace and ease that removes stress and anxiety. 
  • More intuitive with greater access to conscious gifts. Because we connect the mind and the body as one aligned being in these sessions, we open up to the Divine in a clearer way, allowing guidance to amplify!
  • A stronger reverence for the Body. Many understand at new, deeper levels, the role of the body in our life experience, which will increase your love and adoration. By learning to develop a relationship with your body, your being and your mind you can live in a new, expansive state of self-love that will bring in greater Confidence, Direction in Life (and Business), and Body Conscious Behaviors. You will become the person who can have the body you want while loving the body that you have.
  • Increased Belief & Confidence in Self. The biggest gift of this work is the gift you will give to yourself in the form of amplified LOVE. You will experience a deeper love and appreciation for yourself (beyond the body) that will help you heal all of your stories about the material world (love, money, health, and so forth).

Enjoy these free samples below...

Sacred Self Activation on "Integration"
and a Channeled Q & A Response.


Join the Sacred Self Community and Activate BLISS in your life, your business and your being.

BLISS: The feeling you get when you experience a new level of enlightenment and you KNOW that everything has changed!

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Top features

  • Weekly Live Channeled Clearing & Activation Sessions (Quantum Healing & Manifestation)
  • Weekly Live "Ask Jonah" Sessions 
  • Surprise bonus content (Meditation, Chakra Training, and More!)
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