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5 Things to Trust Your Intuition

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2022

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1. The Scientific Method
2. Vibrational Integrity
3. Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze
4. Be the Meaning Maker
5. Infinity is Available

Trust Yourself and Your Intuition More with the Numbers:


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How do I Raise My Worth?

Uncategorized Apr 14, 2022

To be successful we must be of value; however, many of us find ourselves in a perpetual loop of healing and proving our value.

How do we get out of the loop? I share an easy way in this video.

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Living the Laws - The 3 Things You Need To Know About Endings

We are coming close to a Full Moon and endings are all around. You may be experiencing endings in the world around you, your immediate world, or your entire paradigm may be shifting. Either way, you are safe, you are loved and you are moving toward what you want.

An ending comes when alignment has lost its energy in a direction (usually the past). You must put then put new energy in to this previous area or release and redirect your energy so that it can be focused on a new path. Energy can...

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Living the Laws - Your Most Important Relationships in 2022


Today we are bringing your attention to the bigger conversation unfolding in the world - Separation, and Wholeness - and how this viewpoint impacts your choice of community.

Your most important relationships moving forward aren't individual relationships with 1 or 2 people, they are the relationships you have with you and your community.

We invite you to align with community through the lens of wholeness and giving rather than the outdated model of separation and getting.

What separates you...

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Living the Laws - Actualize Your Potential!


You were born pre-programmed for efficiency and focus. You wanted to have the perfect potentials already installed for your journey here. However, you also knew that the world would begin overriding your programming before you would realize your own power to program yourself.

That means you will have some work to do to rediscover your core programming and then actively amplify the traits you love so that you can leverage them for success!

The Universe provided a direct way of you knowing your...

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Living the Laws - Purpose Shame & Your Purpose


Your purpose is calling you to express it.
Can you hear the voice of your higher being, calling you higher?

Perhaps the noise of comparison, judgement or frustration is distracting you.
Tune in my loves. Tune in to the voice underneath all of that noise.

The louder voice is merely a narration of events that have passed.

You can say goodbye when you hear it and point your mind's eye to the subtle voice of love calling you to ask the most important question today, "what's is my next best step to...

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Let the Numbers Guide You - Learn to Speak Directly to Them

numerology Apr 06, 2022

I became a numerologist in the 90s because the numbers were speaking to me. They were guiding me with love and purpose. I became a mentor and teacher 6 years ago because I wanted to help others open up to the same magic.

This video is a guided session to help you feel the connection and inspire your own dialogue with them.

If you would like to study numerology with me, email [email protected] or visit:


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Living the Laws - Your Intuition is Ready to Expand


What if you ARE a Channel?

You are.

Your intuition is the beginning of something magical. It's a doorway to multi-dimensional awareness and wisdom. Your intuition is meant to be flowing and accessible in every moment, not just a random moment.

Are you feeling called to be more intuitive?

Your intuitive connection is where all of the magic is happening.

To begin, create a devotional practice of listening to your intuition. Make space for your intuition in your mind.

Act upon your intuitive...

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Living the Laws - Law of Momentum/Acceleration!


What can you do when you find yourself on a path (or 2) that you don't love and things seem to be speeding up?

You can do what you have always done and play out the situation or you can activate your inner power of choice. You have been given an infinite number of choices. You will never run out. Make a choice and move toward it.

Oh, you want to make the "right" choice. We hear you. The only right choice is the one you love. Until you decide to do what you love you will continue to choose...

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Living the Laws - 4-4-4-5 Pattern of Expression Triggers Value & Belief


Today's 4-4-4-5 Pattern of Universal Conscious Expression invites you to get focused on what you believe about yourself and what you value in this life.

Do you believe our loved?
Do you believe your are one?
Do you believe you belong?

What do you value more - the outside results and the feelings you think they give you or do you value living a life you love right now in every circumstance. Do you value peace, and ease and flow or work, effort and proving?

These are the most important choices...

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